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Dennis Hu, CEO of Quantac started his career being extremely successful in his retail business of Luxury eyewear. In 2012 he won the young entrepreneur award, being recognized as a great entrepreneur at a young age. At the age 30, he was already featured in a few magazines and newspaper articles.  His strive for perfection and ambitious nature has brought him to become successful in many ways.

With a passion for building and the desire to build beautiful homes, Dennis started to expand his career in building dream homes in UBC, Kitsilano, and South Granville.  In the last decade Quantac is specialized in building homes that truly fit in the neighbourhoods are not only beautiful but also functional

In the past last 3 years, Quantac has migrated to another of Dennis’ passions; Multifamily developments. A few projects have been on-going now, and is the focus of the company now.

Whether it’s designing and building a clean-lined, contemporary home or building 6 to 60 stories of condos, even investing in retail businesses, design and construction , client service continues to ignite the passion in Quantac.

With the lead of Dennis, Quantac has grown to become a single and multfamily real estate developer and a successful investor in retail businesses.

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